Unfortunately, humans are no longer chased across the savannah by a enemy predator, normally a wild beast such as a tiger. This is mostly due to evolution, we have spread outside of Africa and are now living in cities which protect us from these kind of predatory risks.

This may sound like a good thing. But alas, people are still keen to have an element of risk in their lives, however, not by raging blood thirsty tigers, but through other means.

One of those means, is...Roller Coasters. Yes these revolutionary fear emulators create the same feelings/emotions inside our heads that tigers used to make. The adrenaline and fear created when thrown around an iron cage going at 100 mph, inside out, and upside down makes some people...'feel alive'.

Other people, apparently, who haven't got the means to get to a Roller Coaster (they may live in the countryside away from smokey civilisation) might find other ways to recreate the 'tiger fear'. These may include, shop lifting, bank robbery, sky diving, and/or walking into a road blindfolded.

Personally, I prefer stealing a policeman's helmet, the chase you get from a young police officer is akin to the tiger in the savannah.