Life freedom is a term I've come up with to describe a strange feeling I've been having. Life freedom describes the point in time where you actually have nothing to do. At all. No school and no work. Life freedom occurs at two points in most people's lives: when they're out of school (university/college/high school, whichever is the last you do) and they're looking for a job. And when they retire and have nothing to do all day, and they're looking for a job again usually.

Some people don't experience life freedom at all. I pity these people. They go from high school to university to a career to death, or something like that. So they only really experience pseudo-life-freedom. This occurs more often than real life freedom, but always has a stinging painful end. Some weekends are pseudo-life-freedom, because you have nothing to do. Most holidays are pseudo-life-freedom. And, when you're younger, summer is a pseudo-life-freedom experience. These always have a bad end: monday, the day you get back from your holiday, or the day school starts again. And besides, you're not really that free during these times.

To have a truely free life, you have to be able to answer nothing to this question: What are you going to do today?. And then answer it repeatedly and not have anyone get mad at you. You don't actually have to do this. But you could, that's what matters.

In five days I will experience life freedom. Absolutly nothing to do and nowhere to go. When I get bored, I'll take over the world. Or some junk like that.