Foo Fighters third release is nothing short of fantastic! Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel and Taylor Hawkins tackled this effort as a three-piece instead of a four-piece. In an interview with Muchmusic personality Byron Wong, Dave explained that this is because he felt that the three of them had connected as musicians more so without Franz Stahl. They recorded There's Nothing Left To Lose in Dave's basement in Virginia and pulled of a virtually perfect album.

The album opens with a blast of heavy rock with my favorite song, "Stacked Actors," and closes of with a mellow rock masterpiece in "M.I.A." Every song in-between flows from one to another forcing the listener to listen to each of the songs.

Their first single ("Learn To Fly") was a mainstream as well as a Foo Fanatics hit: everyone loved it. The video was excellently done with the humour that the Foos usually add to their videos. A couple of examples are "Big Me" and "Everlong."

Each track has great original dynamics, not the usual soft then loud then soft again. I don't really know how to explain it but it is amazing! I rate the cd 9.5/10.

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