I think that qualifies as a successful E2 Gathering. I'm glad I could make it, despite the little interference caused by the untimely birth of my nephew. Not even two hours old and he was already causing me trouble. *grin*

It was very interesting to meet you all, even though the crowd was somewhat small. I've been to meetings in real life of online communities before, and usually things don't go quite so smoothly. There is generally always a few people who you end up disliking, or hating, or holding a grudge against, or insulting, or.. you know, something negative. However, everyone at this gathering seemed to have things in common. It was interesting to hear words like slashdot, node, and even quantum mechanics mentioned outloud, and not by myself.

While I was at the hospital with my brother and family, my dad's girlfriend had described the Kilkenny as a dark, dank, and smokey pub, and given that she works at the nearby Alberta Treasury Branch office, I had figured she must know what she was talking about. It wasn't as she described, though. (Actually, her description started with 'I can't imagine you in a place like that. It is...').

Anyhow, it was enjoyable to meet you all, and it'd be nice to get together with any of you again.