A character in the John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink, Ducky was played by John Cryer. In the film, Ducky is in love with Andy (played by Molly Ringwald) who is, sadly, in love with a rich kid. Ducky embodies the "best friend" syndrome with which many guys can sympathize. Although he has a slew of unbelievably terrific qualities like sensitivity, chivalry, style, comedy, and the willingness to dance to an Otis Redding song to make his lady smile... Andy ditches him for a chance with pretty boy Andrew McCarthy.

As everyone knows, Ducky gallantly steps aside to watch Andy dance away with her Prince Moneybags at the prom. His love remains unrequited as his resolve holds fast, leaving him to gaze at his princess from afar as only a supporting character in an 80's teen romance movie can.