There is actually a bootleg available of the original Smells Like Children album, called Resident Evil. It has the original 'Smells Like Children' track listing, possibly without The Hands of Small Children or May Cause Discolouration of the Urine or Faeces, though the first could be track 16, listed simply as untitled, and the latter could be track 17, Procardia. Tracks 18 and 19 are not part of the original album, but demos of My Monkey and Choklit Factory.

Mr. Manson's thoughts on the bootleg availability of the original album?

"What had began as a very disturbing record had become a record that disturbed only me. The only solace was that through some unfortunate error someone at the recording plant made several thousand copies of our original version of the album, thinking it was the new one... Now, they are available to anyone who wants to hear them on the Internet. Though someone at the label actually accused me of plotting it, I wish I was that resourceful. God, however irrelevant he may be to me, works in mysterious ways."
- The Long Hard Road out of Hell, pg 192.

'Marilyn Manson' refers to the band; 'Manson' refers to the lead singer. This was much easier when the band were called 'Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids'.

I don't actually own 'Smells Like Children', so if any of my comments are hopelessly wrong, or you can shed light on the tracks I don't know, please msg me.

Track listing of Resident Evil: