I got $50 from my father yesterday, and decided I wanted to go the mall with Dan, Kevin, and Brandi. Kevin and Brandi left in Kevin's car, and Dan and I went in his car.

Kevin and Brandi got there first, followed closely by Dan and I. Dan started to race into the parking space beside of Kevin, much the way he normally does.


Dan inadvertently pulled out in front of some girl and she smashed into the rear left side of Dan's car. This started to spin us, but we didn't spin far. That's because the front of the car went into the side of Kevin's car.

Relax, no one was seriously hurt. The other girl wasn't hurt at all, and her bumper was just a bit scratched. Kevin and Brandi were completely unhurt, and there was just a scratch or two on Kevin's car, I think.

Dan's car, however, suffered a bit of damage with a badly crunched rear left fender. Nothing that anyone is going to notice, among the rest of the dents, however.

Dan wasn't hurt at all, and I'm not really hurt, either. My neck hurts, but 3 Extra Strength Excedrin and double-chocolate mocha iced cappuchino work wonders.

At any rate, I got a cool new book at Waldenbooks - Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude. Lots of humorously-paraphrased myths of goddesses from various world cultures - goddesses who are not all sweetness and light. *grins* I love it.