Tying the Full Windsor Knot for the Complete Bum

Note: These instructions are for right-handed persons. If you are left-handed, you will probably find it easier to perform the mirror image of what these instructions illustrate.

  1. Flip your shirt collar up (you do have a shirt, right?) and hang the tie around your neck so that its back side is against your neck and the thicker side is to your right.
  2. Adjust the lengths of the two ends so that the thicker end is slightly more than twice the length of the thinner. (Fold the thicker end up to the top button of your shirt. The fold of the thicker end should be ½-1" below the tip of the thinner end.)
  3. With your left hand, hold the thicker end in front of the thinner one to form an X, centered above the third button of the shirt.
  4. Pull the thicker end behind the thinner and out to your right, the thicker end's back side facing away from your chest.
  5. Pass the thicker end over the knot and down through the top of the Y, so that it hangs behind the thinner end with its back still facing away from you.
  6. Again, wrap the thicker end across the knot from the right to the left.
  7. Now, pull the thicker end from behind up through the top of the Y so that it hangs over the knot and down over the thinner end with its back now facing you.
  8. Tuck the thicker end down through the outmost loop of the knot and let it hang over the thinner end.
  9. Tighten the knot by gently holding the knot and sliding it up while holding the thicker end. Slide the knot up to its correct position by pulling the thinner end while holding the knot behind the thicker end. This step is the trickiest part. The knot must look neat and symmetrical, and the tip of the broad end should hang directly above the belt buckle.
  10. Tuck the thinner end down through the tag on the broad end if needed, and you're good to go.