Genus Myosotis, sounds rather dull doesn't it? A member of the borage family, once thought to be able to harden steel, forget me not and Love-me are far better names, more fitting somehow. Growing fearlessly in dark, dank places, fuzzy green stems support rows of small flowers, each with five delicate sky-blue petals surrounding a tiny sunshine-yellow center. Clear blue innocence. Bright, happy, exuberant.

Like trying to explain color to a blind man, or birdsong to the deaf, words are inadeqate, they cannot express what has passed between us. But in trying to stand back from my heart a spark has left my life. Something is missing, something undefineable, something I didn't know existed before we fleetingly shared our lives.

And the small points of white shine in the dappled shade. Self-seeded forget-me-nots have come up white this year, devoid of color, like they have forgotten who they truly are.