The sampaguita, the tropical jasmine flower, is the national flower of the Philippines. The sweet-smelling sampaguita is a symbol of purity, devotion, and fidelity and a testament to a lover's pledge. Traditionally, sampaguita flowers are often strung as in lei, and draped around guests' necks when they arrive in the Philippines.

According to folklore, a young princess named Lakambini pledged eternal fidelity to a nobleman, Lakan Galing, as he set off to defend her kingdom. The princess said, "Sumpa kita", ("I promise you") to the nobleman as they embraced on a hilltop overlooking the sea. The princess waited for months but her lover never returned. Lakambini died soon after, of a broken heart and was buried on the same hilltop where she made her vow. On her solitary grave grew a vine with white sweetly-scented blooms which were named "sampaguita" because it echoed the promise once made by the princess.

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