A Golden Age character of Marvel Comics (then known as Timely) revived by Roy Thomas.

Jeff Mace was a reporter who answered Bucky's call for more American heroes to fight Nazi spies in 1945. Donning a costume with the American Eagle emblazoned on his chest, he became the Patriot, leader of the Liberty Legion!

Though he had no super-powers, he was a skilled fighter and swore to combat evil just like his idol, Captain America.

In 1946, Jeff Mace was given the opportunity of his lifetime when he discovered the dying William Naslund, the former Spirit of '76 and the second Captain America. Donning the Red, White and Blue costume and the shield, Mace became the third Captain America, as well as the new leader of the All-Winners Squad.

However, Mace never did feel comfortable in his new role, and retired from his costumed career during the early 50s and went on to lead a regular life.

The former Patriot was later diagnosed with cancer and fell victim to it in 1982 with his hero, the original Captain America by his side (as seen in Captain America #285).