I'm starting to recognize the idea that I can face burnout from having two jobs in the Brooklyn College campus.

In the Brooklyn College Excelsior newspaper office, I'm the senior editor responsible for writing up a few of my own articles and to pray for new computer equipment to come in to the office. I have to be a father figure to writers and editors who know nothing about layout using Adobe PageMaker for the Macintosh. The rest of the editors don't do layout, so all of the work is done by the editor-in-chief. Most of the people in there have the tendency to make a shitload of a mess in the office, making their own work harder because they left their disks under some big mess of snacks, old newspapers, and so on.

I also work at the The Library Cafe in Brooklyn College. My duties in this place is to make sure the end users don't lose their work from Microsoft Word. I'm also the guy who installs things like new printer drivers in all of the 60-odd computers. I'm running around left and right, getting everything done in the Library Café. This job is a toughie, but it gives me money ($5.15 per hour).

These two jobs cut into my schedule considerably. In September 21, 2000 I stayed in campus from 9:00 AM in the morning until midnight. I never had the chance to see my mother's face when I get home. All I did is just walk up to the bedroom, and throw myself to bed! This Sunday, I have to choose between working for the understaffed Library Café, or reporting the Shubert Alley Flea Market and Grand Auction for the paper.

Am I going to die from this kind of work? Maybe. Am I going to lose a lot of the hobbies and whatnot doing all of this work? Yes.