Tonight I'm taking Phyllis Stein and his friend out to see Karen Mason in Arci's Place. I think I'm going to get my suit, but I haven't cleaned it yet. I'm sure I'm getting a shirt and tie for the evening, though.

Before the evening starts, I have to start my essay for my sci-fi television class. The essay is a few days due, and it's a battery of questions with a three-page limit. Pray for me, kids!

In 6:15 PM in Arci's Place, I met up with Rob (Phyllis Stein's real name!) and we were supposed to have dinner before the show. The waiters didn't get through with the menus, but I had a virgin mary beforehand. We were talking a bit about the shows we've watch and the actors we've seen.

The show was great as always. The only thing I missed seeing was a little pin that Karen worn on the back of her gown (because it was cut too low on the back).

When I walked Rob back to Penn Station, I was talking about the DVDs I wanted to buy: My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies, or Evil Dead II. I bought "Evil Dead II" in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square.