Some suggested web sites to read before going on:

  1. is the main "Digital Divide" web site.
  2. for the reports that make up the "Falling Through the Net" series that coined this buzzword.

The issues at hand for this divide is not just based on "who has a 'puter, and who doesn't?" Some of the issues involved are the penetration of POTS in different neighborhoods, the kinds of people who don't have a computer (minorities like blacks and latinos), and what do they do with internet access if they have it (e-mail, finding jobs, and so forth).

Well, I have my own issues regarding this report. I was thinking how and why computers are expensive (even at the $1,000 level). How much does it cost (in time and money) to learn to use a computer? What kind of computing equipment and education should be provided to ease the problem? Are computers really that expensive? I don't want to just give money to "fix" the problem, but I want to make sure people learn to use a computer and evolve as a better human being (or even better, be a hacker!).

Before you (the reader) go to read another node, look at yourselves. What kind of a person are you in terms of race and economic status? What is your neighborhood like? What kind of neighbors do you have? I'm an Asian American in a working class family, living in a "middle-of-the-floor" working class neighborhood. My neighborhood has a public library, with internet access (very small-looking Gateway computers running Windows NT -- yikes!). Even more, can you use your computer smarts to help improve the condition of your neighborhood so they can learn about computers?