Chasing the siren song - Day 1

As I wake up in the guest bedroom in my brother's home, the glow-in-the-dark stars have blended into the walls. I've realized I haven't packed a toothbrush, and I'm sure I have to go to the outside world and buy one while I'm cursed with morning breath.

The bus ride last night wasn't much of a challenge. All I did was sit on my ass listening to my Walkman straining to hear the overture of Wagner's Parsifal. I was carrying three bags most of my time in the station filled with my clothes, a tripod, food and my suit. The wonderous little suit that has gotten me through most of the women I drooled over.

The moonlight was good to me last night. I rarely see it reflected on little rivers underneath bridges, covered in clouds. Keeps me quiet while the kids in the bus are throwing each other around.

I'm also looking for a good lens to buy in Chicago. I've e-mailed a few of the stores I've found out there, and it's amazing they're open on Saturdays. We don't have that in New York City, because most of them people out in the bigger-name stores are out on the Sabbath, and I'm lucky.

Dinner was a night out with the family for drinks. I had a few glasses of Guinness, and some chicken fingers. I was surprised one of my brother's buddies went in and paid for everything.