(for those who celebrate it)

:::: Warning Spoiler Ahead ::::

For those of you who don't know yet... I thought I'd share the truth about the Easter Bunny.

"Stephanie IS the Easter bunny!!"

My son figured this out, at 4 years old, all on his very own. Are you impressed or what??

His best friend, the son of MY best friend (yes, Stephanie) whispered in his ear -- as they waited for THE Easter Bunny to hide the eggs -- that "HIS MOM" hid the eggs.

So my son - while all the other children were out looking for the eggs came up to tell me a secret. A big, big secret. He didn't want ANYONE else to know! This was BIG! So I told him nobody was listening (I didn't think they were.... ) Anyhow my son.. whispered in his loud 4 yr old voice "Guess What!! Stephanie IS the Easter Bunny!!!"

The giggles started out low, but I heard them, and tried to resist them...my son was serious! The giggles grew and grew and ended up with a life of their own... and they caught me and my poor rugrat, giggles are so contagious... blame his whole warped future on that moment if you will, but we all could not stop the giggles. MY SON had the answer to the Easter Bunny Mystery. His best friends mom was the Easter Bunny and went around the world hiding everyones Easter eggs.

He looked around puzzled as all the adults in the area were breaking out laughing... we were all so impressed with this little 4 yr old for figuring out who THE Easter Bunny really was!

Stephanie is my best friend ever and I found her again after having lost contact 10 years ago. I will spare you the 50,000 word detail of that incredible search and the irony of the final find. But she'll be coming over from Montana on Easter.... will she remember that? She will, I have no doubt, who could forget that priceless moment.

I do hope sharing this hasn't ruined anyones Easter now that you know the Easter Bunny isn't pink and furry.

One of the Ironies of all of this is that I will see her again, after not knowing if I"d ever see her again -- on Easter!