"you can't judge a hero by his size, he's just a Teeny Little Super Guy..."

Teeny Little Super Guy is by far the most incredibly cool superhero ever. He was incarnated on Sesame Street, and instead of the usual puffy muscled, over-pumped jock style superhero, TLSG was a sketchy cartoon drawing of a dumpy oldish guy with a big nose...on the side of a clear drinking cup.

In fact, the whole world that TLSG lived in consisted of enormous real-life objects, and was inhabited by other cup-people. Instead of the usual superpower of flight or running really, really fast, TLSG's method of transportation was to simply sink into the counter (seeing as he did all of his super-hero deeds around the kitchen) and pop up somewhere else.

TLSG was my favorite bit on Sesame Street. He's no longer around, I don't think, which is a shame...he was the most impressive little superhero ever. Even if he was smaller than a salt shaker.