The Diceman is also a T.V Show based on the book "The Dice Man" by Luke Rhinehart, which may or may not be a pseudonym. Filmed as a documentary, it follows Russel Harris and Shaun Fenton as they travel the globe in a completely random manner, obeying the dictates of a clear green casino die. To make a decision on where to travel, they would simply approach random people on the street until they had six distinct destinations, and then... well, "Not my will, oh Die, but Thy will be done!"

The journeys of the Diceman were, in the first series, limited to the British Isles, travelling from Manchester to Edinburgh in the first episode alone. Series two was similiarly confined to Britain, whilst taking in events such as the "World Coal-Carrying Championships" and "World Worm Charming Championship". In Series three they finally ventured into Europe, ranging as far afield as Warsaw before returning to roam around a series of bafflingly incomprehensible places in Wales (Sample names:Abydyfi and Betsw-Y-Coed) and Scotland. Series four is regarded as where the show hit its stride, however, venturing into the United States just in time for the '99 Superbowl, then (Whilst en route to Georgetown) accidentally becoming stranded in New York.

Last shown in 1999 on the Discovery Channel, the two stars have been asking the die whether or not the time is ripe for a revival, but have thus far been disappointed.

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