Vodka is my preferred hard alcohol beverage, since it lacks most of the hangover-causing impurities that whiskey, tequila and rum posess, and also because it is comparitively tasteless, so it mixes well with other fluids in order to create innocuous-tasting drinks that will get you seriously drunk in short order. This is a good thing if, like me, you enjoy the effects of hard alcohol but not the taste.

In short, this node is dedicated to the beverages which the Noders of E2 have discovered mix well with vodka. My personal list goes as follows:

  • POG. That is, Passion-Orange-Guava juice. The stuff that comes in half-gallon cartons and has a cute little furry creature emblazoned on it. This is, from what I've discovered, by far the best vodka mixer of all time. The stuff is amazing! I've put up to five shots of vodka in a glass, with an equal or slightly greater amount of POG, and not been able to taste the vodka. Understand that I was stone-cold sober at the time. Unfortunately, I was also stone-cold sober when I finished drinking the glass. My tolerance must have really gone up in the last two years.
  • Sprite. I have a number of friends who swear by this one. I find that Sprite and Vodka (nicknamed "rocket fuel" by the folks at Freak Manor) ends up tasting like lime-flavored soda water with a bit more of a kick than I'd necessarily like. Not as good as POG, but it works.
  • Coke. What can I say? Cola mixes well with just about anything.
  • Vodka, straight. Every once in a while, you feel a small spot of masochism come on.
  • Redbull. I've had Redbull, and I've had vodka, but I haven't actually had them together, so this is strictly secondhand... but I can imagine that they'd go well together, and the caffeine of Redbull would go a long way to counteract the sleepiness that alcohol induces, allowing one to party harder and longer. If that's your thing.
  • Kahlua and cream. This drink is known as the "White Russian". Odd, considering White Russians are usually some shade of brown (depending on the Kahlua-to-cream ratio). Tasty, if you like thick, sweet drinks. I prefer my alcohol a bit lighter than this, personally, as creamy alcoholic drinks make me a tad nauseous. I can't get away from them, though, as they're my girlfriend's favorite drink.
I'll post more vodka mixers as I discover them, and if you can think of any, please node 'em below.