The Enochian Alphabet is the alphabet of a magical language publicized by Elizabethan magus Dr. John Dee and his assistant, alchemist Edward Kelley. The alphabet was supposedly communicated to Dee and Kelley by the Archangel Gabriel through Dee's crystal ball on March 26, 1583. The Alphabet is composed of 21 characters, faintly resembling the Hebrew alphabet in appearance.

Enochian was said to be the magical language of the angels. It alone was able to accurately name the beasts and the birds, and through the magic power of their true names, to control them. It is stated in the Book of Genesis that Adam was able to perform this feat, although Enochian as a language is never specifically mentioned. According to Dee, Gabriel told him and Kelley that, upon being cast out of Paradise, mankind lost the ability to speak the holy tongue of the angels. The Archangel went on to say that it would now restore to mankind through Dee and Kelley the angelic language "which Adam verily spake in innocency, and was never uttered nor disclosed to man since till now."

Supposedly, this is the only language in which magical concepts and divine thought may be properly discussed. Just as scientific theories may be explained in plain language but can only be truly understood in mathematics, so it is with divine knowledge. It was also claimed that speakers of Enochian would be able to speak the true names of objects and beings, thus giving the speaker control over those things.

Certain occultists and cult leaders have used Enochian, or various forms of it, in their rituals and ideologies. It most recently was used by Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan, albeit in a vastly perverted form. To date, there is no objective evidence that the language has any supernatural effects on reality whatsoever. So few people have bothered to learn it, however, that it might well be that the people who have discovered its secrets are keeping it to themselves. Or perhaps Dee and Kelley... modified it, so that the world at large would not learn its secrets.

Or perhaps Dee and Kelley were just a pair of crackpots and con-men, out to attract some attention. I prefer to keep an open mind. The reader is invited to judge for him or herself, as the Enochian language is at this point a matter of public record, and most websites dedicated to occult matters have at least an Enochian glossary or dictionary.