A scifi/comedy film released in June of 2001. Directed by Ivan Reitman and starring David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones and Seann William Scott. Also features Dan Aykroyd.

The idea is that a meteor containing single celled organisms lands on Earth. The cells evolve at a breakneck pace, and our heroes (a gang of college teachers, various losers and government dropouts) learn this could lead to trouble. Of course the government then takes over research of the aliens and our heroes are kicked out of the loop. The gang then does all the thinking and figuring out while we never really see what the government does (doing field maneuvers or something, I guess) and then they ultimately triumph over the aliens, The Man, and shoddy dialog to save the day.

Subtle spoilers ahead
The movie looked good, but wasn’t written very well. There are too many dud scenes and poorly developed character traits. Several scenes just left you thinking, “ok, thanks for showing us that, but…?”. Like when the heroes are riding around in a jeep singing “Play that funky music” while the world is getting ready to end. Or how the weapon against the aliens is discovered on the back of a t-shirt (?) and without even trying it on any of the many available aliens, the whole team arms up to combat the largest alien by shooting the poison up it’s ass (??). Out of all the junk scenes they did include, they never really did show how they destroyed all the aliens in the end! Instead they concentrated on scenes with Julianne Moore falling down and Sean Scott bumbling into most of the major discoveries. And for some awkward reason they found it necessary for Duchovny and Moore to have a quick hump in a fire truck then add some unfunny blatant, shameless product placement at the end.

I’ll give it a break though. It is a product of modern Hollywood. It did have a few good “gotcha” scenes that made the whole theatre jump. A huge alien fart at the end was kinda funny. The seemingly few visuals it had were very cool, the dragon flying through the mall was great (too bad they killed it). Some of the science was even good. The aliens have twenty base pairs in their DNA while earth animals only have four, hence raising the chance of genetic mutation and evolution (in theory). The slowly evolving aliens wound up becoming elaborate dragons, bugs, amphibious critters and such, while quickly evolving aliens, having no specialization, just turned into blob type things. And Orlando Jones did manage to take a break from comic relief in the end to actually lend some scientific advice. And the door plainly is left open for Evolution Two, with the dragon flying away at the end.

In short, you might want to rent it. Maybe. They did have cool looking dragons and farting aliens.