A roughly two-square block area of Shinjuku in Tokyo, on the border between Kabukicho and West Shinjuku, just north of the Odakyu department store and adjacent to the JR line train tracks on the west side. Almost completely destroyed by fire in 1999, Piss Alley was rebuilt true to its original character - a cramped warren of over 100 dingy bars and yakitori-ya catering strictly to regulars. Flourescent lamps strung between the buildings provide an eerie light through the haze of cigarette smoke and cooking steam, as respectable-looking salarymen confidently vanish into the jumble. It's all very Blade Runner, and with good reason - this area was a major inspiration for Ridley Scott's visuals in the movie.

If you're a Gaijin visiting Tokyo, drop by Piss Alley - it may not be one of Tokyo's prettiest places, but it's certainly one of its most atmospheric. Just don't expect to get a drink - you'll either be overcharged (even by Tokyo standards) or thrown out on your ear.