An Australian comedian known for his polished, presentable exterior and the surreal, witty personality that it conceals.

Originally a lawyer, Shaun quit to become a comedy writer for the series The Big Gig, eventually moving on to become a member of the Full Frontal line-up, where he played characters that mocked people such as Fabio.

Currently, Shaun is writing and starring in his own sketch comedy show, The Micallef Programme. Or, as it was originally known, The Micallef Program, before it was changed for the "more grammatically correct, but far more pedantic and anal" british spelling.

The show has been described as "brilliant television viewing, peppered with rapid-fire sketches featuring an army of dubious characters."

Some quotes from the man himself:

Worried about dry skin? Concerned about lines and wrinkles? Then visit a burns unit and get some perspective.

I've called it the Micallef program because it sounds a bit like a Robert Ludlum novel.
Ludlum is quite popular and I'm hoping the confusion will help the ratings.