A French cartoon character - a schoolgirl at a religious school, taught by nuns and always up to tricks.

Invariably dresses in a yellow raincoat and rain hat in wet weather, the simply drawn Madeline wears a bow in her hair, and has a variety of pets. Madeline is the most adventurous of her decidedly sombre school, always getting in to trouble or solving mysteries.

Madeline is a great way to teach French to young children or fresh learners. A little more advanced than a basic childrens book, it has enough interest and plot twists for people who are learning French and don't want a predictable storyline.

Thanks to yerricde for the thought-provoking conversation - Madeleine IS spelt differently to Madeline - the other is the "internationalised" version for the USA and English-speaking countries. This is the French way of spelling, and correct as of the early Madeleine books as forwarded to me by my neice, from France.