A trick that will probably amaze quite a few is to seed the random number generator in order to get the results you want from tossing dice.

Following is my TI-83 source code for how to find a seed that gives me 5 ones on a six sided die in a row so that I could show my friend that I have Ba'alzamon's luck.

:While (K=0)
:disp P

If rand<1/6 then randInt(1,6) will give 1. Now, run the program and take a lunch break. When it finds a result (my TI-83 finds the seed value 16086. Other versions might use other random number algorithms and will give different results) type in P->rand and clear the screen. Now show your friend that randInt(1,6) gives 5 ones in a row. (Actually on my calculator it gives 6 ones. This is only a coincidence, though.)