Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, or BREW, aims to create a "complete, open solution for wireless applications development, device configuration, application distribution, billing and payment."

The BREW API seeks to become the standard in wireless programming. It can theoretically be written for and used in any object-oriented language, but in practice BREW applications are written in C/C++. BREW is fast and powerful, with features such as internet socket controls and a native graphics engine.

For those interested in developing for BREW, a solid base of C/C++ will definitely help, as the API can get a bit complicated. Applications are written as structures and callbacks, which are then called from the device, so there is no main(). Applications are event driven, and a win32 programmer would probably feel at home handling the user interface in BREW.

The possibilities are endless. Already there are games, mobile finance applications, and the almighty tip calculator for BREW.

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