What i can remember it starting from.. i was being led into a court building trying to find where I was to go before a judge. My lawyer was very ignorant any hyper, and i was accompanied by a professional looking women in a suit dress thing. We came up to the court i was to be in, but they reschedule the time. My lawyer was pissed off and hauled me through the big oak doors and up to the judge's desk (in a row of maybe 5 or 6 open air concept courtrooms). The judge, an older woman, looked at my laywer and yelled for him to get out now, shaking her gavel. He ignored her, brushed behind her and started changing the court times on her laptop so we would be next. I had a feeling it was going to be bad news.

I was instantly before the judge and ordered to spend time on a tropical island. I was thrown out an airplane, my face sticking to black tar. It became difficult to look around with the sticky road pulling me back down. I saw an aboriginal child, maybe 12 come rolling over the road in the middle of the jungle who stopped to look at me. Stepping off her longboard, she smiled and helped me to my feet. I walked with her to a huge camp area filled with people that i seemed to have known.

Everything is foggy until i was on a trek with about 5 other men, hiking through the brush looking for something. One of them got his leg caught in some long logs in the river, and by the time i caught up to them he was screaming that he could't feel it anymore and was very visibly upset. He wanted some morphine or drug.. the man that was the medic came up as i was trying uselessly to get his leg out of the wood trap.

He was about to give him some medicine when he changed his mind, sitting behind him. He pulled out a hunting knife and started cutting a circle in the trapped persons chest. I looked up and told him to cut that shit out, but he gave me a look as if it were none my business. He proceeded to tell the man that he must choose somewhere else to be cut and bled, else it would be over and no medicine. The medic then threatened me and i backed off and let them deal with whatever they wanted to do to him.

Walking back to the camp the wounded man and another were strapped and tied to long tree branches and forced to walk back as prisoners. Once we got back to the camp, there was a big argument, i had a fight with the medic dude, and decided i should leave. I freed the two men and had a meal of freshly killed meat and walked back up the hill to the main road. Somehow i acquired a similar longboard, and skated down the road for a long time, looking at the black road wind through tropical forest. I came to a hill where i saw the aboriginal girl waiting. We had a brief talk of which i cannot remember then i started down the hill and speedwobbled off

The longboard arced and went into a parking lot where i chased it. It went past some family in a van and to a long cadilac with its hood and doors open.. and somehow managed to get into the trunk. I ran over and a large biker like dude told me the skateboard wasn't mine and i should leave. I looked at the family and they seemed to not notice. I grabbed the skate and yelled at the dude in the caddilac. I left with the family in the van, after chatting with them.

It turns out this family is very large and they do a lot of travelling, in fact that is all they do. I wound up in some large hotel room at the end of the island off a high cliff. I could see out tot he ocean, and an outdoor patio that was very very hiigh off the edge of this cliff. There was a projector screen and i was subjected to countless family movies of people i do not know. Then some of these people in the films actually walked into the room and sat down. One was the dude from teh cadilac and i had to fight him to keep the longbard again. I moved out to the back of the room, and everything started shaking.. i was the first to notice.. then everyone panicked.

The room tilted up and a large overweight man slid out an open window to outside. He held his hand out for someone to catch him, but i couldn't move. I just watched in horror as he fell out the window. It was about 4 stories up, and i didnt look but i heard him land and people screaming.. and at that point i woke up.