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Thanks a lot to everone who has Chung one of my writeups, especially those who I might have forgotten to thank personally.

Four Times:Hexter

Twice: gnarl, IndigoSky, Omnidirectional Halo, Simulacron3, wertperch

Once: ac_hyper, arcanamundi, aneurin, Ashley Pomeroy, baffo, bluebird_is_sad, Chark, Chris-O, dann, dem bones, Gorgonzola, Gritchka, Jet-Poop, JohnnyGoodyear, Lometa, mauler, mcc, moodster, Nero, NinjaPenguin, NothingLasts4ever, Pedro, pimephalis, Posmella, Roninspoon, Saige, sid, sloebertje, Teiresias, thbz, TheBooBooKitty, The Alchemist, The Prophet, VAG, vivid, Waywatcher

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