What a weekend. Where to begin...

Got the serial numbers from my stolen phone and Palm to the police. If the thugs try to pawn 'em off, they'll hit a brick wall - unless, of course, they've scratched 'em off...

Actually, the weekend was pretty much uneventful. Spent almost the entire weekend at my friends' apartment... I'm practically living there, but it's nice to be out of the house for long periods of time.

Got a new cell phone to replace the one that got stolen. I miss the jog dial from my old Sony phone, but this Motorola's got some nice features - espically WAP support. Too bad my service doesn't include WAP. :( I'd love to write a little script so I could node with my cell phone... Maybe just read and vote, but still fun nonetheless. It's already been dubbed the l33tf0n3 II in memory of the original l33tf0n3... Let's just hope the l33tp4lm comes back in one piece - fat chance though.

Sleep... Sleep kicks ass. Got quite a bit more than usual this weekend, but I didn't get anything else - unfortionately. No time on E2 (actually, very little), fell behind with my e-mail and my job, and the parents are really starting to wonder what I'm doing all these nights I spend at an apartment inhabited by two females. I am quite rested, however, yet still frustrated over the situation with her

Began reading Green Mars again. Figured I'd start in the middle of the trilogy then go back and read Red Mars as a history lesson before moving onto Blue. The trilogy is quite an epic tale, and I'd highly recommend it to those that enjoy heavy characterization and/or realistic sci-fi.

Now it's time for me to work... Actually, it was time to do that almost 6 hours ago. Grr... Gotta be getting up a little earlier than that if I wanna get anywhere in life. Oh well, bite me.