And so it contiunes.

All day yesterday I sat around thinking about her. Eventually, I made my way into work between compiling another version of ShowEQ on Kasei, my second linux box. :) Now I feel all l33t and stuff.

I've been making attempts at learning Linux and the C programming language since late in my Sophomore year of high school. That's about . . . . 4 years of Linux learning, which ammounts to nothing thanks to my nine year addiction to dos. Now I can compile kernels and some software using the GNU Make system and those cool little config scripts! w00t. Not since I was a Sysop have I felt so incredibly cool and technologically self-assured. BTW, some of those comments in the kernel source should be required reading.. ;p

So... I went to work. Never have I felt so accomplished for showing up for such a short time. fuck, I only made about $15 today. :/ That won't pay rent, and I need ta move out. Hmm... And this month's paycheck would be nice. Hell, it'd be nice to be paid for the time I've worked since 12-31-2k. Oh well, soon come mon.

So, about her. I stopped by their place after spending some time at Mars Music playing with a nice little Yamaha synthesizer. She wasn't there, but her roommate was. I got to talk to her a bit and bounce some things off of her that had been really getting under my skin. She gave me some good advice, and more than a little insight into the mind of her roommate. I decided that I had to talk with her, but that wasn't going to happen soon - she was at work...

So into the 'lude and sped off in search of someplace else. I dunno where, just someplace. 30th street and I-75 seemed like a good place to start, and St Armand's Circle, Sarasota was where I ended up turning around... A nice, relaxing, three hour drive.

So I came back to their apartment, and she was back from work. Problem: I was pretty far from lucid and/or coherent after spending several hours in my little car with a burned out 12-hour-old caffiene rush and very little to eat - a talk with her was kinda out of the question.

So I sat down and watched the movie they had on, "Four Weddings and a Funeral". Well, that was exciting... Kept me from falling asleep. She didn't really communicate with me at all, almost pretended I wasn't there or something. Kinda what I had expected. Oh well. As I left I told her we had to talk... Her roommate was hard at work on some homework due today...

Reznor's music is so thereputic. So's screaming. They go together quite well, if i do say so myself.

And that brings me to now. I just spent 20 minutes typing this up... Why? Bah - ]if I could explain it, I wouldn't be doing it]. I've had 10 < writeups to go to my next level for about 2 months now. ;p Sorry if you find this a waste of nodespace, but you can be assured it's not just for numbers.