Hey, it was fun (if you count being ignored by everyone but Yurei). m_turner's picture didn't even pick me up! I was sitting right there but I was camouflaged against Chihuahua Grub's shirt. Dang!

Still, you can learn the most interesting and useful things hanging around people from Everything2. For instance, never disguise yourself as a dog in China for you'll run the risk of being eaten but it's okay if you are around the Celtic or Germanic peoples because they love their dogs. Also, don't sleep in trucks outside of city limits in the rural states because people of questionable gun-control ethics tend to shoot first and knock later.

Looking for the karaoke bar was a tad boring. I mean, walking around downtown La Jolla (Spanish for "Family Jewels") in the cold, damp, and dark -- no photosynthesis for me, I tell you -- evening looking for a place where I would be allowed to lip-synch myself to some bimbo's or bozo's creepy love song. I'm all shook up, un-un-hunh.

Alas, I was reduced to crawling around on the sticky floor under the booth table we all crammed into. When we went to Little Italy I got stuck riding in the back with Igloowhite's Cannondale! Brrr! No one offered to take me in for the night, either, so I had to bum a ride back to the top of Mount Soledad to catch some rays from the radio transmitters with a bunch of moth-eaten pigeons just to stay warm.

I wanted to play Polio but nobody could remember the rules and, besides, nobody brought the chalk.

Still, eavesdropping on a bunch of drunken monkeys has always been one of my favorite pastimes. And I do have to have something to put into my reports back to the mothership: When the time comes to set up the bomb, announce that "all your base are belong to us". They will laugh and not take it seriously. Then, when you tell them to make their time it will be too late! HA HA HA HA.