Artist: Deftones
Album: Deftones
Running Time: 4:18

The lead Single released off Deftones' 4th album, their self-titled masterpiece. The centerpiece of the album, Minerva emits the type of emotion you wouldn't get from most other bands polluting the airwaves. From that first boom, it catapults itself above and beyond disposable radio-freindly acts such as Linkin Park and Nickleback, and destroys them all with some of the most emotive music ever made.

Don't bother to try and pigeonhole it, because it doesn't work. Deftones have always tried to push the boundaries of modern metal, often called metal's Radiohead (they aren't the only ones, with Tool getting it as well). Minerva is a new milestone in the Deftones' career, and modern metal. Deftones have officially shed their nu-metal origins and have grown into someting much more.

The finest moment from a band that relentlessly charts it's own musical path. Kerrang! could not have put it better:

"Louder than war. Uplifting like a drug. The best band in a genre of one."

Words Simply Cannot Describe It.