There's a Canadian version of this reality tv show, featuring a group called Sugar Jones or some such nonsense.

Actually, it's sort of funny. A bunch or A&R guys get together and audition thousands of girls, settling on five of them for their voices, talent, and personality over their looks. Then they find that these five don't really want to be recording pop songs written by forty-year-old men, as they start writing their own songs, and negotiate royalty contracts. This prompts the group's manager to say (paraphrased):

"I think we've given the girls too much freedom, too much rope, and they keep demanding more. From now on, I think we put them on a need to know basis." So this is how the pop music industry works!

It's also funny that the girls often comment on the lameness of the songs, and the manager keeps saying "this sounds like a good American record." (Remember, this is the Canadian version, and so it's assumed that if you want to make money you have to sound like Destiny's Child.) Oh yeah, and one of the original members was busted for credit card fraud during an early episode.