This memories come from the time I was working for EMI records and later, when I was in working in live shows at La Iguana Internacional.

In no particular order:

  • Paul McCartney: simple handshaking, as part of a complimentary "meet and greet" for EMI employees
  • Radiohead: promotional stuff (they're so coooool and rare, poor connection, anyway)
  • Billy Idol: promotional stuff (we had a cyberpunk party, he's like a child, very enthusiastic, showed us his digital videocam in his hotel suite)
  • Duran Duran: funny dinner at a typical restaurant in my hometown (Barcelona). We had our dose of laugh after some glasses of wine.
  • Kraftwerk: elegant, polite, exquisite, what can I say? There was her first live performance after many years and it was simply a pleasure to work with them. I remember the journalists having this kind of reverence with them that very little artists inspire.
  • Iron Maiden: the big heavy family. Very professional and kind, and very different from stage...
  • Ian Anderson: he tried to ruin our after concert supper! He didn't allowed us to smoke (he had tried to convince the whole audience to stop smoking while people at the first rows were constantly throwing joints at him). We convinced him after three bottles of cava.
  • Brian May: it was his first album after Freddie Mercury died from H.I.V. He came to record a TV show. I couldn't have lunch with him (I had to go to the sound check with his personal sound technician). In the airport, he personally thanked us for a very professional work. He seemed calm and a little "off"
  • Paul Weller: he's such a nice guy... the only problem is that he and his band smoke too much joints, even for a seasoned hashish smoker like me. It was my first job after being fired from EMI...
  • OASIS: well, I did the PR for their first show here in Spain, but I was so scared from what I heard from them that I tried not to get too close... and shut up.
  • Terrorvision: where are they now? At least we had enormous fun while it lasted. I remember well that I was doing my first translations in their interviews with the press and they tried to get me drunk to ruin my work (lol)
  • EMF: worked in a pair of shows and did some promotion. I remember this very fuzzy, you can imagine why (Extasy Mother Fucker!)
  • Tina Turner: I hardly saw her from a distance, as he walked away from stage to enter a limo that was waiting. I didn't even met her, but it was nice to see how carefully she walked down the ramp, trying not to fall down because of her high heels!
  • Kenny Thomas: he was my same age, he liked videogames and he liked weed. We had a great time, but it is a pity that promotional tours drain your energy entirely. And we hadn't nothing to get us high...
  • Robbie Robertson: he came as a special guest to a Sau show. That night was a loooong night, and he enjoyed a lot the hashish I brought... Very nice and friendly, showed us how to smoke joints properly

more to follow?

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