It should be noted that Damon Albarn wrote a song about Brett Anderson: "Charmless Man", off Blur's The Great Escape effort. (Features the line: "He moves in circles of friends/Who just pretend/That they like him/He does the same to them") It's been reputed that this song is about Morrissey--the title "Charmless Man" is very reminiscent of a Smiths song--but old Damon himself has said that it's not about Morrissey, it's about Brett!

OK, this is fair, Damon. You steal his girlfriend, you become insanely popular in the UK whilst his band is left on a second tier behind you and Oasis (and you're just a "woo-oo!" from Stateside popularity), then you write a song about what a charmless man this Brett Anderson is! Jesus, talk about low blows. Even if the guy is a bleedin' junkie.

Damon's "stole your girlfriend but you're the charmless one" spiel ranks second in the figurative low blows in Britpop list, right behind Oasis wishing the members of Blur would get AIDS...

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