A television show on the Canadian music television channel MuchMusic. It offers the latest news in the world of music, like:

The show is normally anchored by the resident bitter and cynical VJ George Stroumboulopoulos*, or the resident surrealistic VJ Bradford How. The anchor tells the news to the viewers, while sitting on top of a desk or any other place within the MuchMusic studios. There are rarely ever video clips pertaining to the story, and if more information is needed, the show cuts to a screen of text overtop of a music video. The anchors put their own commentary of the subject matter of the story in occasionally funny comments, or a tone of voice that suggests implausibility or irony, when required.

The show is also cut up into 5 minute updates which are done live every hour or so in a segment called "Rapid Fax".

* Yes, that is the correct spelling. I looked it up.