"Bye", she said. Actually, it was more along the lines of "Bye!!!". She has that sort of constantly cheerful voice that, in most other people, would annoy the heck out of me. But with her, it's different. Maybe it's because she's drop dead gorgeous.

Scratch that. Of course it's because she's so pretty. Call me superficial, call me a lookist, but I have to admit, I'm primarily attracted to her because of her physical beauty. Of course, the fact that she's smart and funny too doesn't hurt.

I'll probably see her in class again tomorrow. Odds are, I'll probably go another day without managing to turn the conversation from "Hi, nice weather today, huh?" to "I'm madly in love with you.", or even "So, are you single?".


In other news, the older sister of one of my friends from high school is running for Student Government President. I've promised myself I won't be influenced by that one way or another; I'll go hear the speeches in a couple days, and make an objective decision.