My personal jihad to greet new noders--or is it a mitzvah?--goes well, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm letting some of them slip through the cracks. This is just one of many little duties that we will have to decide (as individuals) whether or not to do. If an edev person wants to write a script to list the 50 newest users (pleeeeeease?) that'd really help. Maybe I'm too altruistic, but I think creating it as a superdoc accessible to all would be fine. But let's not argue policy about it until it exists. If it ever does. Until then, I'll be relying on my spider sense to tell if noders are new.

Oh, yeah: does not logging every one of my kills and fixes make me a bad editor? Now that we've got speedier page loads, maybe I should be writing some of this stuff down.

cooled The Curse of Colonel Sanders, a wonderful two-part node with two short and sweet writeups. My first cool--the first time I really felt that the node (and not just one of its writeups) merited the C!++.