Zero Population Growth

Ouroboros suggested this strategy to me, and I like it. I'm not going to add any more writeups--except the occasional editor log--until I've killed my weight in writeups. From then on, I'll be establishing a one-to-one ratio. Plant one walnut, chop down one walnut tree. This is going to mean a lot of trips to the Robotic Editor Shack for me. The good news is that if I kill one of my own, then I get "double credit" for it: kills++, writeups--.

I've also taken to pre-emptively attacking new noders. Not that I don't enjoy blasting first-time writeups... in fact, with my above goal, I should probably let them fall where they may. But since the Other Users nodelet tells you if a noder is new, I've taken to /msging all the Day One people. My first words are always:

(r) 2003.8.20@13:00 Jurph says Welcome to Everything2!