Knight to... sacrifice. Her partner's pain at watching a loved one suffering was obvious. The choice was to protect one or lose both. She chose to fall upon the blade to save them both. There are no bandages that could aid in healing this wound.

She has given her partner the chance to evaluate the game as a whole. She has crawled away from the board, leaving the pieces as they were. It is not for her to determine where to go from here.

Even lacking the board to scrutinize, she is still left with questions. She has learned that the game began even before that fateful evening, with her partner's pieces already moving into position. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, barriers had been created. While her partner pondered where to place each piece, she had been oblivious. She cannot believe that all of this was organized with malice. This game begins in the mind and even if we attempt to fight it, the game must be played, no matter the cost to the players.

She fears the outcome.