An old friend was visiting for the weekend (this is not yet a dream) and while we celebrated this by drinking almost constantly another friend brought up again how he'd been beaten up while visiting home a few weeks ago.
None of us know how to fight bar two three (and one only by merit of his size).
Cue Fight Club and bruising about my person.
Cue this crap intruding on my sleep.

I was at a small gathering of friends in a house on a hill (interior resembling an actual house on a hill).
One of my friends who was unable to join in on the drunken boxing was there and only I could see him (sort of like Tyler Durden, except he was the one beaten up and I knew that he wasn't 'real').

Soon enough I received a phone call and it was made clear to me that I had to kill someone or I was out of the job (I guess I was an assassin?).

How did I have to kill hir?

With a woman’s leg razor.

Anything else?

Oh yeah, the blades had to be nickel-plated.

Not having any nickel-plated razorblades for a woman’s leg razor, I decided to nip down to the local dairy.

(The walk from the house was overly detailed, I could see now that the house was located on the peak of the hill, the path was made of circular slabs of some kind of white rock and were spaced a few footsteps apart from each other. Then I was at the store.)

The dairy was a cramped white room with a counter and one of those freezers filled with various ice creams.
Behind the counter I first noticed a guy with the build of Comic Book Guy and second my bruised figment’s gf (incidentally it was her house on a hill).
"What's Alice doing working here? Must be filling in for Aidan (bf)."
Aidan and Alice work in Turkish restaurants.
I approached the counter, held up a razorless woman’s leg razor (it had a rubber grip that conformed quite nicely to my hand) and inquired "Do you have any nickel-plated razors for this?"

He made to reply and...

...I was shaken awake
by the friend whose floor I was asleep on. "Hurry up! McDonalds won't be serving breakfast much longer!"

I never even got to find out who I was going to kill.