I built a vacuum tube radio (I did that in real life, too). The tubes were bigger than the ones I was used to work with, and each one of them were half-filled with water. I was perfectly aware that was the way they were supposed to be! I turned it on, the tubes lighted up and the water started to boil. The radio didn't work, and I was worrying about filament voltage -- maybe it was wrong?

So I have this thing about trying to have a lucid dream, although lately I haven't really been trying. Basically I was really into it two years ago, but still pops its way into my dreams every once in a while. My dreams last night were really messed up. I forgot some of them, which I didn't write down. I think it was because I had a meal right before bed, and it was really cold in my room. Maybe not.

Anyway, The dream I remember starts out with me in prison. I think I did something "bad" in an earlier dream and as a result I am in the slammer. But it's not like the real slammer, its just a guy keeping me locked in a room. I don't see any other prisoners, but it is definitely a state-run thing. Now this is the only fuzzy part of the dream: I think they executed me, although I am not sure. Either that or I attempted an escape because I am in jail again later but I distinctly remember being locked up once already (okay, I know that if they executed me I wouldn't still be alive, but hey this is a dream it doesn't have to make any freaking sense). So know I am on death row (again?) and I am getting special treatment from the guards because of it. They are doing me favors and stuff, but not too many because I am also on bad behavior. Sometime when I am talking to the guards I realize that I should feel really bad for something I did in the past. Whatever caused me to be on death row should be plauging my conscience. But it's not. So I suddently come to the Eureka! type conclusion that I never did anything that deserved capital punishment.

At this point in the dream I have a semi-lucid state of mind. Basically I realize that something is wrong with the dream and I know I don't have to follow the rules. However I do not completely realize it is a dream and that I am sleeping. So I break out of jail with my newfound powers. I think I might have physically attacked the guards, but I didn't care because I knew that they weren't really ... real.

As I am escaping I think to look and see if my dream is in color, and it is. Vivid 32bpp 75Hz 1024x768 startling color, full with bump-mapping, ray tracing, and everything. But I have done this before, and during the dream I always think it is color, but when I wake up I remember it being black and white. So I look again a little bit later. And it is still full color, I distinctly remember seeing someone's shirt and the different colors in it.

So now the captors are giving chase, and I need to flee fast. Whenever this used to happen in my dreams I could do a float/jump really high/fly kinda thing. I use trees to jump off of, and get away fairly quickly. So for some reason I am able to get far enough away that they can't find me anymore, and I stop worrying about them chasing me. Although by now I have completely forgotten that this was all a dream. I think something else uneventfull happened, but I am not sure. The dream quickly melded into some other dream like they always do.

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