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Add categories: [dex] [del]
Jobs' Notation: SET > OP IN [DEX] > OP TOE [DEL]

Set and pass the support leg over the footbag, then catch it on the setting leg with a toe delay. E.g.: Set off a right toe or clipper, swing the left leg over the footbag from in to out, then catch it on the right toe.

To perform a mirage, you need to get a basic rhythm down: set, step, catch. Off a toe set slightly towards you, quickly jump back and plant both feet, then jump sideways, with your support leg extended forward, so it passes over the bag. Your right foot will be trailing along the ground as you jump. Then, as you bring the support leg down, bring the setting leg up and scoop it for the delay.

Part of the Footbag Move List (under construction). =]