Ceausescu: Dictator. Murderer. Madman.


Let's examine the evidence:

Ceausescu hated the cross!
According to Dr. Nicholas Dima's book, "Journey to Freedom", Ceausescu hated Christian crosses, crucifixes, and blessings. While visiting Venezuela, he requested that a crucifix in his room be removed before he would stay there. And Edward Behr said, in "Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus", that the dictator walked out of a dinner in New Orleans because a priest insisted on saying a prayer before the meal.
Ceausescu hated churches!
Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, who ran Romania's spy bureau until he defected to the West in 1978, wrote a book called "Red Horizons: The True Story of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu's Crimes, Lifestyle, and Corruption". In it, he claimed that Ceausescu had dozens of churches in Bucharest demolished, declaring himself "overjoyed at getting rid of musty old churches and synagogues." And Dima notes that, in addition to the destruction of churches, Ceausescu also ordered that numerous cemeteries be dug up and the corpses removed...
Ceausescu might've been possessed by demons!
Well, probably not. But Dima claimed that Ceausescu moved in a bizarre, jerking, uncoordinated way and spoke in an eerie, stammering, guttural manner. Indicating that he may have had a less-than-solid grasp of reality, Dima believed that Ceausescu had been possessed by a host of demons who constantly fought for control of his body. Maybe not specifically vampiric, unless some of the demons were blood-drinkers...
HIV rates skyrocketed under Ceausescu!
Romania had an unusually high number of HIV cases, especially among children. In 1997, the International Health Organization estimated that half of the world's juvenile cases of HIV were in Romania. The rate of adult infection was not believed to be as high, but was still considered much higher than normal. But that couldn't have been because of Ceausescu's stubborn belief that AIDS wouldn't threaten his communist utopia and thus never funded any education or resources to battle the epidemic, right? No, man, it was vampires! Vampires!
Nicolae Ceausescu and the Case of the Vanishing Corpse!
According to Behr, when the Ceausescus were executed in 1989, their bodies were transported to a sports stadium near Bucharest. Embarrassingly, the authorities then found themselves unable to locate the corpses. Behr writes: "Army search parties scoured the area all night before finding them the following morning, near a shed within the stadium grounds. Who shifted the bodies, and for what purpose, was never satisfactorily established."
Ceausescu idolized Dracula!
Sure, Vlad Tepes is still considered a Romanian national hero, but Ceausescu seemed to carry his fondness for the Son of the Dragon a bit farther than most. Though Bram Stoker's famous novel wasn't published in Romania until after Ceausescu's death (maybe he didn't want to give the locals any ideas about how to deal with the undead), the dictator ordered grand celebrations in 1976 to honor Tepes on the 500th anniversary of his death. Ceausescu ordained eulogies, novels, artwork, a film, and a commemorative stamp to memorialize Dracula. Ceausescu also tried to move the capital of Romania from Bucharest to Tirgoviste -- Tepes' 15th century capital! And according to Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu in "In Search of Dracula: The History of Dracula and Vampires", only a few days before he was overthrown, Ceausescu hid out in his palace at Snagov, not far from where Tepes was laid to rest. McNally and Florescu speculate that Ceausescu was "seeking solace and support in Dracula's former capital."
What? You want more evidence? Isn't it obvious by now? This type of proof just can't be refuted, man! You could present this evidence in any court in the -- Hey, what's all this damn mist coming under the door? I don't remember any fog in the weather forecast. Oh God! Oh God, no! Nosferatu! Strigoii! Vyrolakos! Das Vampyr! Back, you foul --

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