Title: Transition
Release Date: Early November 2002
Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Yvel Guichet
Inker: Mark Propst
JLA Members: Nightwing, the Atom, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Jason Blood, Faith, and Major Disaster.
Guest Stars: Zatanna, Tempest, and Lois Lane.
Bad Guys: Some big ol' monster.

So what happens?
In the last issue, we followed the regular JLA in ancient Atlantis; this issue, we're in the present day with the replacement Justice League. We start out with quite a bit of character interaction stuff. Firestorm is awed to be in the League and even more astounded that he's been given Superman's chair around the meeting table. Major Disaster, after too much time in the Suicide Squad, is worried someone's going to stab him in the back. Faith wears her civilian clothes more often than her superhero costume. Hawkgirl has already clued Faith in on Green Arrow's skirt-chasing ways. And though Hawkgirl doesn't like Green Arrow, and the Atom doesn't trust Major Disaster, Nightwing makes a speech and makes sure everyone knows they're not allowed to fight each other because, as the Justice League, it's too important that they work together smoothly.

After that, it's down to business. A worldwide drought and the sudden absence of nearly all water in Japan is causing volcanic eruptions and massive destruction in Tokyo. While Nightwing and Green Arrow rescue civilians, Firestorm puts out fires, Major Disaster shuts down the earthquakes, and Faith, using her so-far unexplained energy powers, catches all the falling debris.

After the crisis has been averted, Nightwing and Atom phone in to Zatanna, still researching the regular JLA's disappearance in Atlantis. She recommends that, since no progress is being made on the Atlantis mystery, the Justice League should concentrate on the continuing water crisis and quit worrying about Atlantis until they have more time to devote to it. Nightwing agrees, but what no one knows yet is that Zatanna is being operated like a puppet by a gigantic monster that's started eating all the researchers who were studying the lost city...

Meanwhile, back on the moon, Jason Blood has caused a ruckus by casting a protective spell over the Watchtower. Green Arrow objects very loudly while Faith and Hawkgirl are extremely appreciative -- of course, that might be because Blood cast his spell while nekkid! Once Blood gets his clothes back on, most of the JLA members attend a press conference at the UN, where the Atom has to answer a very uncomfortable question from Superman's wife, Lois Lane: Is the new JLA trying to locate the old JLA? Atom's reluctant answer: No, not right now.

Later, frustrated that the current League can't find the old League, Nightwing starts to ask Jason Blood to use the powers of Etrigan, the demon bonded to the immortal magician, to locate them, but Blood stops him before he can even get Etrigan's name out, warning him that the demon's name should not even be used in Blood's presence.

Finally, the Atom realizes that the loss of water worldwide cannot be blamed on mere drought and evaporation -- the water is disappearing too quickly to be caused by evaporation. After checking the subterranean flow of water around the Earth, he determines that the planet's water is being drained underground and collected in a central reservoir underneath Atlantis. And after checking the video feeds from Atlantis, the JLA discover a gruesome relic that has just been unearthed -- an ancient, broken skeleton, stabbed through the chest with a large trident. It's wearing a blue and red costume with a big red "S" on the chest.

Cool Moments!
The discovery of what may be Superman's long-dead body is one hell of a shocker. Best cliffhanger in months, I reckon.

Cool Quotes!
Green Arrow, commenting on the JLA's chairs: "It adjusts to your weight, posture and body shape, you know. Dee-luxe butt accomodations.
Firestorm: "Really? That's cool."
Green Arrow: "Yeah. For a bunch of yahoos who never sit down, they sure know how to build a chair."

Green Arrow, after Jason Blood's all-nude magic show: "If you pervs'll excuse me... I need to scour out my eyes with steel wool."
Hawkgirl: "What's wrong? Blood's magic staff unstring your not-so-long-bow?"

Jason Blood, stopping Nightwing from saying Etrigan's name: "You would do well not to use his name here. Especially not around me. Especially not with fire in your blood. You read the files. You know what I have inside of me, what it is capable of... Do not tempt it with your weakness and fear."

Nightwing, trying to fill some big shoes: "How did they do this? Every day? I'm trying so hard to be the man he'd want me to be. But I feel so small."

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