Made it back from my trip. Looks like I missed all the "fun". For some reason, all the serious whackos tend to wait 'til I go away before they start yammering. But anyway...

Killed: paluka's writeup in Nookie. Total Content: "I give it up for the nookie meaning i give it up for the pussy ... nookie=pussy". Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Nodes Almost Edited: I was gonna change paluka's node title for pappa roach to Papa Roach, but dannye kacked the writeup before I could make the change, so I just deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: sneak444's writeup in repitition. Total content: "The unnoticed pattern is the most beautiful." And the misspelled node title with the smarmiest NFN is the most quickly nuked. Also zapped the nodeshell.

Killed: sneak444's writeup in subway. Yes, with a period. Total content: "O God my head hurts Like the subways pounding loud Changing air preasure a hiku". Yes, "hiku". No line breaks, no links, no punctuation. Also zapped the nodeshell.

Deleted Users: got rid of BattleActionJesus. Had no writeups, and the only one he'd had (referenced above in wharfinger's writeup) was trollish and stupid. Look him up in Node Heaven -- it seems pretty clear he never would've contributed anything.