Ooo, our first editor log. Break out the bubbly.

Killed: "tard" by murple (Total content: "Everyone who is not murple." Oh, you dog. How the ladies must swoon over you.) and by j_f (Total content: "See murple." Funnier, but essentially pointless, especially with murple's writeup gone). Both writeups were freakin' ancient, and neither noder has logged in since the days of E1.

Killed: "tards" by murple (Total content: "The majority of humanity." Waste of bandwidth.) and by j_f (Total content: "People who think the CD-ROM tray on their computer is a cup holder." Is that it? Is that the best he could do? NFNers burn in hell).

Didn't mean to pick on these two idjits--they just got in my way and were visibly stupid.