Born 356 B.C.; died 323 B.C.

The son of King Philip II of Macedon and Olympias of Epiros, Alexander inherited his father's throne and then expanded Macedonian territory from Egypt to Persia to India to Greece clear up to central Asia.

Though a barbarian, he was educated by Aristotle. He believed he was the son of Zeus-Ammon and was thus a demigod. He had gobs of charisma, mismatched eyes, and a high-pitched voice, and he was considered a decent singer.

After his mostly-unsuccessful campaign to India, Alexander died, weakened by a combination of wounds sustained in battle, hardships in the desert, and extremely heavy drinking--quite honestly, Alexander drank like a fish. His empire did not last long after his death--his generals engaged in civil wars against each other and lost it all.

Alexander is still considered one of the world's greatest military generals. Though his empire didn't last, his cultural influence endured for centuries.

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