Gops is a bizarre card game for two players. It is very similar to War or Crazy Eights, but there's much more room for strategy. However, it does not compare to Cribbage or Écarté, so don't bother with this if you're looking for an engaging, skill-rewarding game. Gops is worth trying on long train rides, boring moments in waiting rooms, and the like. It is good for playing with strangers, because it is very easy to learn.

Take a 52-card deck and remove all the hearts. Remove the jokers as well, if there are any. The cards rank at their normal numeric values. This means the ace is worth 1. Jack, Queen, and King are worth 11, 12, and 13, respectively.

One player receives all the clubs, and the other player receives all the spades. Shuffle the diamonds and put them in a face-down stack in the center.

The idea is to auction off the diamonds one-by-one to the person who puts down the highest card. Each turn, a diamond is turned up, and each player puts down one of their cards face-down. When both players have played a card, those cards are faced, and the player that put down the highest takes the diamond and puts it (face-down) in a pile. Repeat until all the diamonds are gone.

The player with the largest sum total of diamonds wins the game. The game can be converted to hard score relatively easily, just agree on a card-point-to-currency ratio and make payouts.

This game can be made much more interesting if all the diamonds are laid out face-down side-by-side, and the players make all their bids at once, also face down. Once all the cards have been put down, they are all faced together and the diamonds claimed. Same scoring as above.