Of intrest to any guitar geek when discussing Muse and Matthew Bellamy is his collection of bizarre guitars, custom made for him by a company called Manson.
At present he owns seven custom Mansons:

The Rust Relic
The Mirror Manson
The Bomber Manson
The Laser Manson
The Black Manson
The 7-String Manson
The Silver Manson

What makes them unique? Well, check out this list of features and electronics built into them:
Z-Vex Fuzz Factory with external controls
Kill switch (kills sound of guitar for a stutterring
effect popularised by Tom Morello)
Midi controller for Digitech Whammy
Midi pickup
MXR phase 90
Fernandes Sustainer pickup (For infinitely sustaining notes)
Piezo pickup (for acoustic sounds]
Z-Vex Wah Probe
Tremolo Effect

And my favourite:
Laser beams

"The MKIII started off as an idea in Mansons head, as he drove past heathrow airport one night. ’I saw the planes landing and thought, what you need to do is have lights coming out of the guitar, not the lights in the auditorium shining on the guitar.’ So the mahogany body on this bolt on guitar was routed so that there are now around 10 lasers dotted around the ’smashed mirror’ body. ’They fire around 70 beams that run through various different lenses,’ states Manson. ’They are connected to sound, so the harder you play, the more they come on.’ -(Quote taken from Guitarist magazine)